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When you shop at Fuzzy Goat, you will see clearly marked signs for our eco friendly, animal free, machine washable, and Southern yarns.





Alchemy Yarns
Alchemy believes in social & global consciousness. Gina creates partnerships with individuals & small companies who understand & honor the need for meaningful work, sustainable agriculture, & compassionate responsibility. Every aspect of creating their handpaint fiber with the skilled painting techniques for which they are known worldwide — is done with care and commitment.
Anzula is Sabrina’s small company located in downtown Fresno, California. Anzula handdyes yarns made from the most luxurious fibers in the world like cashmere, silk & merino. There are many different lines & 80 different colorways – if we don’t have what you desire, let us place an order for you. Sabrina has built her company to now support eight additional staff & brings her legendary trunk show to Fuzzy Goat each year.
Appalachian Baby

Appalachian Baby takes cotton from Texas organic farms & custom mills it so it knits up soft & can be machine washed & dried. Finished baby items are handmade by a community of Appalachian artisans.

Apple Tree Knits
Apple Tree Knits Liz works primarily with a small, family-owned-and-operated business in New York to acquire most of her yarns (SilkLin comes from a Canadian company). She constantly examines her environmental impact for ways to reduce it – her water comes from a well behind her house & she takes a number of steps to reuse water whenever possible. The dyes Liz uses are manufactured without using or producing heavy metals. There is a small chance your ATK yarn was dyed while Liz was wearing pajamas, & a large chance it was dyed in between sips of coffee or visits to the studio from her twin daughters.
Baah Yarn
Baah Yarn is passionate about color & Mira’s original handpainted yarns are fabulously vibrant, dyed in California.
Backyard Fiberworks

Alice, who also works for the Library of Congress, handdyes the most lovely yarns in Silver Springs, Maryland. She loves playing with color as much as she loves playing with yarn.

Big Bad Wool

Big Bad Wool is Donna’s small Birmingham, Alabama company with simple ideas exclusively for ‘baby’. Donna owns her own yarn shop & faced with the challenge of offering a cohesive ‘baby’ selection, set out to find a solution & instead created a very special product line to share with the fiber world. Their products are made especially for baby while also creating an enjoyable experience for the knitter & crocheter.  Finished projects are meant to be worn, washed & cherished.

Blue Sky Fibers
Blue Sky Fibers is a Minnesota company that consciously crafts exquisite fibers & spectacular colors that are meant to inspire like an artist’s palette of colors in fibers of alpaca, wool, organic cotton, bamboo, & silk; based in Cedar, Minnesota.
Camellia Fiber Company

Camellia Fiber Company believes in the inherent goodness of natural fiber & the matchless beauty of natural color. Rebekka & Silbia dye luxury southern yarns in Nashville, Tennessee.

Copper Corgi

Copper Corgi hand hand dyed yarns & spinning fiber made by Sarah in Savannah, Georgia with fantastic Southern names like Stormy Marsh, Mac n’ Cheese & Spanish Moss. And our custom color: WestJack Kid

Delicious Yarns
Delicious Yarns is the brain & belly child of Marcy & Jacqueline & started in the pots & pans of a cozy little knit shop in Valley Village, California. With a shiny set of measuring spoons, the two set about making the kind of yummy yarn they had always wanted to work with – savory tones with a touch of tang to keep things exciting.
Dragonfly Fibers

Dragonfly Fibers is an indie yarn company specializing in artisan dyed yarn. Kate dyes high quality knitting yarns & spinning fibers in deep, rich & sometimes crazy bright colors for your pleasure in Team Dragonfly’s Kensington, Maryland studio.

The Farmers Daughter Fibers
The Farmers Daughter Fibers is owned & operated by farm girl, Candice. She embodies her heritage & home state of Montana into all aspects of her work. From a rich foundation of ranchers & farmers & women who were crafty & unpronounced artists, whose greatest work was done in the traditional fiber arts of kitting, crochet, quilting, sewing, & cross stitch.
The Fiber Seed

The Fiber Seed Lindsay hand dyes yarns in small batches in Tampa Bay, with American sourced materials. Their yarns are wools from American farms & are processed by some of the oldest wool mills in the nation. Even the dyes Lindsay uses were created & continued to be manufactured domestically.

Hedgehog Fibres
Hedgehog Fibres is a yarn-dyeing company based in Cork, Ireland. Beata dyes luscious colors range from muted to vivid, soft to saturated. Special care is paid to every skein, to create one of a kind luxurious colorways.
Kelbourne Woolens
Kelbourne Woolens focuses on interesting blends of natural fibers, the unique yarns are all carefully developed to achieve the perfect combination of softness & structure. The beautiful, saturated & sophisticated colors in the lines are all kettle dyed to create a subtle variation in tone and color.
Knit Collage
Knit Collage yarns are inspired by the places Amy travels, especially India & Hong Kong, & she is constantly collecting things that usually somehow become incorporated in her yarn designs. This could be hand-printed fabrics from Jaipur or shimmering paisley trims typically found on Indian wedding garb. By supporting age-old Indian practices, Amy hopes to keep this craft thriving. Based in Boston, Knit Collage loves products that tell a story.
Loopy Mango

Loopy Mango started in the heart of Soho in New York City, & now Ana is in Key Largo, Florida! Amazingly large cotton yarns (= fast project)!


Madelinetosh is a small Texas business with hand dyed natural fiber yarns in small batches in an artists’ palette of colors.

Maisie Daze Fleecery

Maisie Daze Fleecery is a delightfully whimsical company, just down the road in Cairo, Georgia producing the purest fleece products. Della is bringing us naked (undyed) yarn from Reed, O’Rivers, Maebh & Brigid.

Manos del Uruguay
Manos del Uruguay is a cooperative founded in 1968, begun by five women whose goal was to develop economic opportunities for women in a country where there were, & are still, few opportunities for work.  The Manos Cooperatives provide health insurance, retirement pensions, paid vacations & paid maternity leave for their members. Moreover, members enjoy a sense of achievement and of self-determination – the first kindergartens in Uruguay were begun by the Manos Cooperative, to provide childcare for the artisans. In addition to creating yarns for handcrafters, the Manos Cooperatives have continued to produce ready-to-wear pieces for designers and department stores such as Ralph Lauren, Donna Karan, Nordstrom’s, & Sak’s.
Neighborhood Fiber Co.

Neighborhood Fiber Co. began in the kitchen of a basement apartment in Washington, DC. Stirred by her surroundings, Karida set out to provide the world with hand-dyed yarns inspired by and named to reflect the natural beauty and diverse neighborhoods throughout the nation’s capital. Since then, she has added many more colors to reflect a multitude of neighborhoods, both inside and outside of DC. Now based in Baltimore, MD, Neighborhood Fiber Co. continues to offer vibrant, one-of-a-kind colors inspired by urban landscapes.

Quince and Co.
Quince and Co. is a Portland, Maine company with a line of thoughtfully conceived yarns spun from natural fibers, be they soft & sensuous or rustic and sturdy. We have luxurious organic, Italian linen from Quince and Co.
The Yarns of Rhichard Devrieze
The Yarns of Rhichard Devrieze applies dyes with various methodologies to achieve bold & wonderful spectrums of color on superwash merino yarns; based in Ontario.
SewHappyJane Heather Jane’s hand-dyed yarns are inspired by the Idaho world around her; tiny songbirds, majestic skies, sand & stone, and all things bright & beautiful. She creates sewhappyJane yarn in the kitchen of her century old music teaching studio, using only the finest, professional grade materials & dye in small batches of 2-4 skeins at a time. Her girls love to help her choose the colorway names for her yarns. Heather’s youngest daughter, Amelia, has learned to twist the hanks & has become her packaging buddy.
Shibui Knits
Shibui Knits fuses modern taste with classic silhouettes, creating a line of elegant and functional designs; based in Portland, Oregon
Spincycle Yarns
Spincycle Yarns is a two-woman operation established by spinsters Rachel & Kate in Washington state, who produce luxurious yarns, hand-dyed & spun into small batches of perfection. Skeins within a dye lot will blend together beautifully for a larger project, yet every skein is one-of-a-kind.
Spud & Chloë
Spud & Chloë has sweet washable, wearable luxe yarns designed for real life from Minnesota.
Stonehedge Fiber Mill
Stonehedge Fiber Mill is a 157 year old working farm in Michigan, suppliers of yarn for the Ralph Lauren designed 2014 US Olympic team sweaters..
Wollmeise & Rohrspatz
Wollmeise & Rohrspatz (Wool Tit & Cheeky Sparrow) is Claudia’s family business of hand dyeing yarns in Germany. World renown for her ability to dye quite specific shades – she is guided by nature, by objects she encounters or by moods.
Wool and the Gang
Wool and the Gang founders Aureli & Jade met while studying Textile Design in London & pioneered fashion production that’s made in a sustainable way, bringing back knitting as a viable means of production for generations to come. WATG is changing the way fashion is created & consumed.
Yarn on the House (YOTH) Yarns
Yarn on the House (YOTH) Yarns are lovingly curated by Little Brother & Big Sister, dyed in a beautiful dye house in Maine & then shipped to us from their home in Woodinville, WA. Veronika & Danny bring you sophisticated color palettes that are as delicious to the eye as they are to knit.


Anhaica Bag Works

Anhaica Bag Works, Marina makes fantastic bucket bags for the Fuzzy Goat fiber artist. Her waxed-canvas bags are made with meticulous detail in her Tallahassee, Florida workshop.

Coco Knits
Coco Knits Julie creates modern tools for the modern knitter & crocheter to solve nagging problems, allowing us to create the product we dream of.
Cozy Blue

Cozy Blue Liz creates embroidery kit designs that are simple, with a nostalgic feel and a modern aesthetic.  She draws inspiration from nature in Asheville, North Carolina, patterns & color, from her children, & her own memories of growing up.  Each piece begins with an original line drawing, which I then develop into the final product.

Danica Studio
Danica Studio loves textiles. In retired factory in Vancouver, nine talented designers and two or three dogs sketch, paint, illustrate, photograph, creating some of the funnest tins & bags we’ve seen.
Firefly Notes
Firefly Notes is Sandy’s workshop in Richmond, Canada where she makes the coolest tins inspired by our history.
French Market Skirts

French Market Skirts are throw & go easy wearing skirts, perfect for anybody, any age & great with handknits. Dee makes comfortable, flirty and wrangle ready skirts in North Florida.

Fripperies & Bibelots
Fripperies & Bibelots is a Derby, England jeweler making fantastic stitch markers for Fuzzy Goat.
Humphreys Street

Humphreys Street mission could be our own: “Let everything we create be: Welcoming and inclusive, precisely and artistically crafted and conducive to community development.” They’ve been producing hand-crafted goods in Nashville, Tennessee since 2008 & are a social enterprise of Harvest Hands, providing jobs & skills training for local youth in their neighborhood. We have their liquid soap (including refills) for you to take home and for your use in our super-cool restroom.

Jul Designs
Jul Designs Laura trained as an anthropologist including two years of field research in Bali, Indonesia developing relationships with the artists that make Jul’s beautiful & useful closures & shawl pins.
Julie Guyot Studio

Julie Guyot Studio makes small editions & one of a kind yarn bowls that are handmade, creating a unique blend of nostalgia & contemporary style, from her studio in Tallahassee.

Katrinkles is a Katy’s whimsical workshop in Rhode Island. We’re tickled that she handcrafted custom knitting tools for us in bamboo.
Knit Knotes
Knit Knotes makes enclosure cards for modern knitters who haven’t been able to find quite the right gift card for their handmade masterpieces. From Music City, Tennessee.
Lantern Moon
Lantern Moon offers beautiful & functional handcrafted products, providing continuity of training and employment for Vietnamese women & families. The traditional handcrafting skills have been passed down from generation to generation, and are indigenous to these regions.
The Laundress
The Laundress is Gwen and Lindsey, textile experts who realized 90% of items labeled “dry clean only” are actually washable and so they launched an eco-friendly line of fabric care products that take excellent care of you, the things you love, and the environment. Our selection includes general laundry as well as fiber specific products.
LeilaBadBlood makes our notion zipper bags from vintage tea towels in St Leonards, England. We love thinking that these towels had an earlier domestic life.
Melange Collection
Melange Collection Sue Edmonds travels to small workshops around the globe, working with skilled artisans to bring her whimsical designs to life. She’s been working with the same artisan groups for over 10 years & promotes sustainable income, environmental awareness & greater economic equality.  Melange pays fair prices & promotes healthy work places. Sue’s core principles are simple:  quality, sustainability & a little bit of fun.

MendbyMartha is Martha Ellen in Birmingham, Alabama. Martha Ellen’s love for embroidery has been cultivated over a number of years, beginning at age 8 when her grandmother taught her how to cross stitch. Soon after she went to “sewing boot camp” at her aunts. This family love affair with sewing & stitching has only grown & become a special bond between her grandmother, aunt & her. Embroidery can be your love, a release, a soothing pass time, a self expression & a fond memory.


Rangemark was born out of Kathryn’s passion for pattern making. Each piece is block printed in her studio in Chattanooga & sewn into the final product by women in her community. She is dedicated to making products in a way that allows her business to participate in their local community & to also have great control over the craftsmanship. All pointing to their mission to bring beauty into the home in a way that cultivates a warm, inviting space to live & entertain in.

Romney Ridge Farm
Romney Ridge Farm is home to a small diverse flock of sheep & Angora Goats. Their felting kits include beautiful fleece from happy sheep living in Woolwich, Maine.
Tree Hopper Toys
Tree Hopper Toys is a tiny, family owned toy company based just outside of Chicago, where Eric designs & manufactures distinctive toys and gifts that curious families love. Since 2010 they have been combining old-fashioned quality & contemporary design to create modern, heirloom products that can be passed down from one generation to the next.
Zig Zag Studios

Zig Zag Studios Catherine makes carefully handcrafted fiber-craft bags from her home in Ontario. Our favorite are the wedge bags.

Z.Jayne makes earth friendly handmade organic lavender sachets for your stash & also the dryer, closets, sports bags & more. Coming to you from Ohio.
Patterns from Deep South Fibers, Never Not Knitting, Churchmouse Yarns, Stitch Sprouts and more


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