As Seen on FB Live: June Recap!

As Seen on FB Live: June Recap!

Watchers of Cadence and Melissa's Facebook Lives will know they cover a lot of ground - makes sense, as they tend to knit a lot - and it can get hard to keep up with it all. So we thought we'd do a round up each month sharing some of the highlights of what they've been working on & loving for y'all! 


This June Melissa has been knitting:

Stormy Sweater by Les Tricots de Dilia

  • Short sleeved fade for summer
  • Pretty simple
  • Not a lot of ease, so sizes are limited
  • Use markers for the increases on the top
  • Made using a Neighborhood Fiber Co. Shawl Blank but you can make your own fade with any fingering yarn!

Rock It Tee by Tanis Lavellee

  • V-neck
  • The breezy eyelet detailing is like built-in air conditioning!
  • DK version available too!
  • Fast
  • A lot of i-cording which you could substitute with ribbing if you don't want to i-cord
  • Went down a needle size (Melissa almost always does)
  • Made using Copper Corgi in Teal Me

Ember Sweater by Yuko Shimizu

  • Melissa's colorwork project this month!
  • Super fun!
  • Meant to be oversized
  • Made with some Neighborhood Fiber Co + Emma's 
  • Lady Dye, Fino are good options too
  • Fun to play with colors that are different than the ones shown in the pattern's picture

Top of the Heat by Suz Ryan

  • Sleeveless tank, perfect for summer
  • Lots of ends to weave in (because stripes!)
  • Do it striped, solid or as a fade
  • Knitted flat - you knit the back first, then front and piece it together (nerve wracking for Melissa!)
  • Made it an extra inch or two longer (important to make sure to measure yourself to make sure you have the ease you want)
  • Use any fingering

Caladium Scarf by Anne Hanson

V Neck Boxy by Joji Locatelli

  • Can do it pieced together or in the round 
  • Still in progress
  • Made with Traveling Yarn Paloma (more on the way soon)
  • Use any fingering!

Other items in the shop she's been loving this month:

Circular Stitch Holder for sleeves

Increase Descrease stitch markers

Flox hook marker

More wisdom you may have missed:

Don't skip the swatch - yes, every sweater! But you don't always have to make a whole one, sometimes half a swatch will do.

Worn in videos: Top of the Heat, Vellichor sweater, Stormy



Projects Cadence has been working on in June: 

Black Thorn sweater by Lily Turner

  • It's a big oversized sweater, so start early for fall/winter wear!
  • She's onto working on the ribbing on the body so that's progress!
  • Use any fingering you like

Thinking of starting a Dissent Cowl by Carissa Brown

All the things Cadence showed off this month:

Emma's Theme Packs

Large Canvas Totes (with goats on them!)

Zauberball Cotton

Plystre Backpacks

Craggy Tweed DK

Our curated collections of Tools & Books

Cadence has been busy showing off the Sale!

Worn in videos: Free Your Fade shawl, Fuzzy Goat Tee, Stillness shawl, the Shai open linen sweater vest, Norwood sweater, Stay High shawl


Other Random you may have missed: Cadence & Melissa also went to market this month & streamed Live to show you! Know that we're always planning more fun things for the shop in the future! 


If you ever have questions about anything you hear us talk about on Lives - or want us to send you pics of yarn colorway pairing options for projects you're considering, you can call or text the shop anytime!