Makers Portfolio

Makers Portfolio

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An ideal way to store your needles and notions, and includes a pattern sleeve window that can stand by itself for optimal viewing while you craft. With sewn pockets, zipper pockets, and vinyl pages, you can fit a whole stash of needles in this baby and customize your storage to you!

Needles and notions here are to show how the portfolio works and are not included with this item. 

(click through the Mustard photos to see all these great features - the interior is the same in all the Portfolios - the coral is a little duskier than depicted)

Dimensions: 9.5" tall x 7" wide

Each portfolio is handmade in a unique and lightweight and durable canvas. Each portfolio has dark brown leather trim and is accented with antique brass hardware. This line, from a woman-owned business, has been crafted with a focus on utility, sustainability, and timeless design.

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