Addi Rocket2 Squared Circular Needles

Addi Rocket2 Squared Circular Needles

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Our new favorite needle! Meet the Addi Rocket2 (Squared) circular knitting needles! Rocket2 (Squared) needles are textured and squared for ergonomic comfort, and they feature a speedy Turbo finish and tapered Rocket tips. Rocket2 (Squared) needles have smooth joins and flexible cords for long hours of pleasurable knitting.

These needles use a combination of slightly rounded squared edges and a uniquely textured tip surface to promote positive ergonomics which helps circulation and reduces tension. This is especially beneficial to those who may struggle with grip issues such as arthritis, carpal tunnel, etc. Not only does the surface of the Rocket2 promote comfort while knitting, you'll quickly realize that stitches stay on the needle where they belong.

Please note: Needles typically labeled size US 1 (2.25mm) are actually US 1 (2.5mm) in this line.
Needles typically labeled size US 2 (2.75mm) are actually US 2 (3.0mm) in this line.

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