Kaliko Drawstring Project Bag

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Kaliko is a line of handcrafted textiles made with care, founded by Ania Grzeszek in Berlin, Germany, and we were one of the lucky shops she agreed to stock ūüíź . These very unique bags are designed to be sustainable, ethical and environmentally friendly.¬†By choosing this product you support not only a small independent business but also the environment. Dimensions: 11.75 x 10 x 3.25 inch (top width / height / base)

What makes them so special? 

Unbleached organic cotton: Ania sources Turkish organic cotton with a GOTS certificate. Turkish cotton has a shorter route to Germany than Indian cotton, which reduces the transportation’s impact on the planet. She uses heavy canvas for sturdy and durable bags. 

Lined with unbleached natural linen: All linen Ania sources is produced either in Poland or Lithuania, unbleached and unwashed, saving water.

Dyed with local plants: Most of the plants Ania uses for extracting pigments come from local parks in Berlin. The rest, that she purchases, grows either in Germany or the EU, hence no long transportation.

No metal mordants: Most of the fabrics Ania uses, she pretreats with soya milk acting as a pigment binder.

Unbleached linen cord pullers: The pullers are made with linen cord, unbleached and coming from Poland.

Waterbased acrylic textile paint: Botanical imprints show local plants and are stamped by hand, using acrylic textile paint on the basis of water, instead of oil paint. Each imprint is slightly different than another.

How are Kaliko project bags made?

Hand dyed: Ania extracts all pigments directly from plants in her Berlin-Neukölln studio. This is also where she pretreats, dye and air-dry the fabric.

Hand stamped: Each bag is stamped by hand. There are usually minimum 5 imprints on each bag, every single one stamped separately and carefully.

Hand sewn: Producing locally is far more expensive than overseas, but this way Ania can make sure she supports people from her community. The  Kaliko team is 4 people at the moment is entirely female and Berlin-based. All their project bags are sewn by Franzi, who is a real professional and always delivers the prettiest bags of the highest quality.