Honeybee Filigree Charm Lock Shawl Pin

Honeybee Filigree Charm Lock Shawl Pin

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Handmade Fair Trade in Indonesia 

White Brass

Charm Lock width - 1.5 inches
Charm Lock height - 1.25 inches
Honeybee Charm width - .75 inches
Honeybee Charm height - 1.5 inches
Stick length - 3.5 inches

This new shawl pin concept relies upon a flexible component we have named a Charm Lock, a serpentine-shaped element that can accommodate the honeybee charm that can be slid on and off and then 'locked' in place with the stick.

The pin may be worn on its own without a charm for a sleek elegant statement.  When the honeybee charm is added, the pin takes on a lively, kinetic feel that is charming, unique, and secure.


Laura’s PhD field research led to collaboration and close relationships with Bali's skilled artisans and the commitment to people and place that is at the heart of JUL Designs based in Ellicott City, Maryland.