Fiberside Chat with The Shepherd’s Mill

Fuzzy Goat is so fortunate to have good friends who look out for us! My friend Gail who owns Longmont Yarn Shoppe in Colorado has put together this FANTASTIC Fiberside Chat series and thought to include US, along with our other yarn shop friends. This is what happens we work to rise each other up. How fun is this!!!! Gail has worked it out so that the designers get their deserved share, Gail gets a bit for all her work and Fuzzy Goat benefits as well when you enroll with us!

These gatherings, hosted on Zoom, will be one-hour sessions with special guests joining us to give a peek into their world. These designers and creators will discuss their unique path, creative processes, latest projects—or whatever is inspiring them now. There will also be a Q&A session, giveaways, and other fun surprises for those who join!

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The chats will be closed to new enrollments 2 hours prior to start.

Join us for a Zoom chat with The Shepherd’s Mill: June 14th 4:00pm ET

What fiber aficionado doesn’t wonder a bit about where their beloved yarn comes from?  This Fiberside Chat is all about a “field” trip to visit The Shepherd’s Mill in Phillipsburg, KS.  Owners Sally and Jay Brandon will lead us step by step through the process of taking raw animal fiber fresh from the farm to finished yarn and roving.  As a bonus, the unique small-batch yarn and roving created during our virtual visit will be available exclusively to Fiberside Chat participants through special order after the event.

Sally Brandon, the creative force behind the business, and the crew at the mill have gained a respected reputation for using their expertise in blending fibers and colors to create exquisite yarns and fabrics on a custom basis for the retail fiber arts market across the US. Each item made at The Shepherd’s Mill is as original as the crew who made it.  Sally says she is blessed to be doing the things she loves in the place she loves with and for people she loves. Growing the business in rural America, Sally, her husband Jay, and the crew reflect the essence of American-made, the neighbor-helping-neighbor attitude witnessed by generations of craftsmen who have valued hard work, creativity and the beauty around them


Jun 14 2020


4:00 pm - 5:00 pm







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