Knit Collage Daisy Chain

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Daisy Chain yarn was born out of eternal love for daisy chains, flower crowns and all the wonderful feelings connected to them. Bits of tea-dyed lace, hand-printed Jaipur fabrics and daisy trims are handspun into each colorway. Even though the raw materials are the same, no two skeins are completely alike because of the intense handmade process that goes into each and every skein.

Content: A mix of mostly wool, a little mohair and 1% sparkling Angelina fibers. Each colorway is different.

60 yards, Bulky weight

Washing Instructions: Gently handwash and lay flat to dry

Due to the nature of this yarn, we recommend hand-winding into a ball.

All of the Knit Collage dyeing, carding and spinning takes place in Punjab, India. When Amy first started her business in 2010, she spent countless hours teaching uneducated women how to craft the yarn designs on traditional spinning wheels. She now happily employs many women who she relies on for all aspects of the business. Truly each yarn is specially handcrafted with love and care.  When you knit with Knit Collage yarns, you support the livelihood of the women who craft them as well as Amy's US-based small business (and ours ;).

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