Espresso Cordoba Bezel Closure with Brass Ring

Espresso Cordoba Bezel Closure with Brass Ring

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The Bezel Closure attaches to knitted, crocheted, and loosely woven pieces using threaded cylinders that slide between fibers to be secured on the back with a washer and a screw.  Move your piece when you need to wash but otherwise it stays in place!

Handmade Fair Trade in Indonesia
Weight - 1 ounce 
Length - 3.75 inches Strap width - .5 inches (genuine leather)
Interior ring diameter - .75 inches 
Exterior ring diameter - 1.25 inches 

Our demo here is for the slightly larger Espresso Round Closure with Brass Ring

 Laura’s PhD field research led to collaboration and close relationships with Bali's skilled artisans and the commitment to people and place that is at the heart of JUL Designs based in Ellicott City, Maryland.


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