Irish Linen Handkerchief Embroidery Kits

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Each kit has one palette of floss and two blank Irish linen handkerchiefs to embroider with a design of your choice.

Every palette has seven, 8.75 yd skeins of the finest quality, six-strand embroidery floss. Each palette tells a story, and every color is a character! (There are also secret messages on the paper bands.)

  • 100% Egyptian Cotton
  • Extra long staple fibers 
  • Mercerized, colorfast and fade resistant

These premium handkerchiefs are 100% pure Irish linen, made by one of the oldest and most respected weavers in Ireland, These handkerchiefs are made of the very high quality linen, with a higher thread count than other Irish linen handkerchiefs. The result is a superb soft hand, the best that we have seen. Approximately 16.5" square with fine detailed hemstitching 1/2 inch in from edges.

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