National Parks Tempestry Project book
National Parks Tempestry Project book
National Parks Tempestry Project book

National Parks Tempestry Project book

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The Tempestry Project is personal and collaborative fiber art, environmental awareness, and climate activism via data representation all rolled into a sprawling community of friends, artists, crafters, teachers, scientists, activists, nature lovers, and more.

One of the ongoing problems inherent in discussions about climate change is the vast scale of the conversation. The Tempestry Project’s goal is to scale this down into something that is accurate, tangible, relatable, and beautiful. Tempestries blend fiber art with temperature data to create a bridge between global climate and our own personal experiences through knitted, crocheted, and woven temperature tapestries, or ‘Tempestries.’ A collection of Tempestries showing different years for a single location creates a powerful visual representation of changing temperatures over time.

This particular Tempestry Collection is the brainchild of Erika Zambello, who coordinated with crafters around the country to make and photograph this beautiful work. Each park (over 50 parks) in the collection is represented by two Original Tempestries, one showing daily high temperatures for 2016 in celebration of the National Park System’s centennial anniversary and one for either 50 or 100 years prior (usually).

Each piece was made with so much love for our park system, and together this collection embraces the deep and abiding beauty inherent in our natural world – and the dangers that threaten it.

A portion of book sales goes to the National Parks Conservation Association.

(this book is not designed to be a pattern book but a merging of our love of fiber and the environment through visual representation)