Sister Ananse Wool Cotton

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437 yards, Fingering, 50% superwash merino, 50% cotton

All Sister Ananse yarn is designed and hand dyed by Naima Bond in VERY small batches in her Chicago studio.

These colors are exclusive to Fuzzy Goat! Naima dyed Goat Gang using a watercolor style variegated using the bright orange, teal, and purplish brick red, with a bit of the other colors in our Fuzzy Goat brand. And matched them up with two complementary tonal colors: O.G. Original Goat (coppery red) and Today was a Goat day (teal) that matches Goat Gang.

Ananse is a spider diety and popular character in African and West Indian fables and folklore. In Akan folklore, Ananse is a clever spider who can bring joy and aid, or mischief and confusion to those around him. He is often depicted as a large spider or as the Andinkra symbol, which resembles a 7-armed asterisk.

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