Emma's Yarn Stillness Shawl Kit

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One of our most requested combo is the Stillness Shawl sample knit by Susan. So we made a kit! In Emma's Yarns Practically Perfect Sock in the exact same colors, including a Ravelry download of the pattern.

A beautiful 2-ply merino and nylon blend that has just the right stretch and is soft against the skin. It’s the perfect thing for shawls, socks, sweaters and baby items.

400 yards, Fingering weight, 80% Merino wool 20% Nylon

The Stillness Shawl is a semi-circular half-pi shawl. Stretches of relaxing, satisfying texture and touches of easy to memorize lace: while it looks intricate and impressive, there is nothing too tricky. The pattern is approachable for adventurous beginners but interesting enough to delight veteran shawl knitters.

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