Gift Knit Project Guide 2023

Gift Knit Project Guide 2023

If you want to give handmade this year, now is definitely the time to cast on (or else you'll be stuck giving January ...or July... presents - which still makes for a special gift, but just isn't quite the same as a holiday gift).

Shop & make in November = time for an easy and festive December (sounds pretty nice to us!).


Projects go quicker when everything's picked out & ready to go for you! Plus we have lots of options designed to feel approachable rather than overhwhelming.

OR if you have a friend who loves to knit - give the gift of a new project! 

If none of these are catching your eye, you can also shop all our project kits here.

  • 27 Color Snood Kit - difficulty level = adventurous beginner so a great gateway project for a new knitting friend

  • Tamdou Shawl - for the person in your life who isn't afraid of adding a funky dose of color to their style!

  • Express Yourself Sweater Kits - bulky yarn so even though it's a sweater, it'll go quickly! (Maybe the only kind of sweater you'll have time to get to!)


Hats are great gift knits because you'll have less issues with sizing and they're quick!


Melissa has been known to give handmade dishcloths the last few holiday seasons & highly recommends it. They are also easy to pair with soap or a candle to add a luxurious touch to a self-care themed gift. 


Who doesn't love an heirloom quality gift for a new baby, especially one that has been handmade? SO heartwarming!

  • Appalachian Cotton Baby Kits - make a bear cardigan or a patchwork style baby blanket, both shop staples

One Skein Wonders

Here's a few yarn + pattern pairings we recommend often in the shop (like a wine flight but...yarn!) for if you're looking to snag one skein and knit something up fast.

Grab --> to make:

We hope you found plenty of knitting inspiration! Happy making!!

xx The Fuzzy Goat Team

P.S. Keep an eye out for a part two full of gifts you don't have to knit in order to give!

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