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Owned & designed by Fuzzy Goat, managed by AirBnB Superhost Chris Linton
Jane + Hank’s started with a need to have our mom live nearby. We moved this house from about a mile away to Lester Street (videos here on our Jane + Hank's Facebook page!). Once the house was on its joists and ready to move, Mom changed her mind and went to live near my brother. Always one to make lemonade out of lemons, we eventually launched Jane + Hank’s. Jane is my mom middle’s name (and our daughter's) and Hank is Fuzzy Goat’s shop ghost that shows up on windy days.
The house was originally built in 1906, added to in 1926 and relocated and completely renovated in 2019. It still has the original glazed windows, interior beadboard and other quirky features of an old house but feels fresh and new (the original flooring is underneath the new - too precious to remove, too costly to currently refresh). The 15-foot ceilings inside and on the front porch are painted ‘haint blue’ (thought by Southerners ward off haints, or ghosts). Just blocks away from Downtown Thomasville's fantastic shops (including Fuzzy Goat), restaurants and bars.
~ Cadence & Mike
Featuring local artist Natalie Barfield. A Georgia native, Natalie is a 90s kid raised amongst longleaf pines, country music, dirt roadin’, and the coastal towns that pepper the Gulf of Mexico. These experiences yielded a strong affection for both the natural environment and the diverse cast of characters that make up the South. Natalie appreciates inserting humor and the absurd into her work wherever she can.