Our Fav Spring Projects!

Our Fav Spring Projects!

As makers, we always feel particularly inspired by the colors and textures of the changing seasons, while as Southerners, we always feel a bit... controlled... by the seasons (spring here means a hard left turn into hot weather for us in Georgia!). Spring always feels like one of the most inspirational times of year for us, as the season it seems like it's the season of bright colors and budding creativity!

We thought we'd compile & share some of our favorite spring projects to make (and wear) this time of year with you guys!

First up, a few for the crocheters!

Two of our favorite past projects that we like to bring out this time of year are crochet projects. Both are lightweight and colorful!


1. Light From Within Shawl by CJ Brady

One skein wonder!

Use: one skein of the happiest self-striping Feederbrook Farm Entropy DK


2. Cherries by Katya Novikova 

This silk shawl is particularly special to us in the shop, because it was proprietress Cadence's mother of the bride shawl for her daughter Carolina's (who is also our FG shipping maven!) wedding last spring!

Use: Farmer's Daughter Foxy Lady or any fingering weight yarn


When it finally gets too hot to wear wool sweaters out and about, Knit Shawls are a great way to still work your handknits into your wardrobe. 


1. Lightweight Hipster by Joji Locatelli 

Like the name says, this is a lightweight version of what's typically a DK weight project. We used cotton yarn for extra breathability!

Use: Urth Monokrom Cotton


2. Solange Scarf (by Wool & the Gang - call/text us to buy the pattern to for this one!)

Use: another great option for using up your cotton yarns - like Monokrom or this Shiny Happy Cotton


3. Tarla by Catharine Salter Bayar

Use: Urth Monokrom oUneek Cotton are great cotton DKs or even Feederbrook for a self-striping DK!


4. Follow Your Bliss by Annie Lupton

Color choice is everything on this one! You can have so much fun pairing two bright colors together, like we did!

Use: Emma's (she has some of the best yellow colorways ever!) or Farmer's Daughter Squish Fingering or 29 Bridges Go To Sock (or any other fingering weight)


*Bonus: Check out an old blog post with all our most recommended fingering weight shawls here!


Now, it's not that we're saying you have to stop wearing handmade sweaters just because it's warming up outside - Spring Sweaters are totally a thing! Here's our top three:


1. Ranunculus by Midori Hirose

The Ranunculus is having a real moment in the shop this month. (Melissa has made two.) Use a fingering weight yarn and make it short sleeved and you've got the ideal spring knit! And because it's knit on a larger needle, you'll have a fairly airy fabric that doesn't take too long to knit up either.

Use: KnitWise Ranunculus Kits!!! We have a few left, even more on the way to us. In the meantime, any fingering you like will work!


2. Lounging Top by Joji Locatelli

A comfortable sleeveless knit! You can have fun with color with this one too!

Use: Made for speckled fingering weight yarns! Some Emma's or 29 Bridges would work! Melissa has also made this in the past using Copper Corgi Savannah Sock.

3. Shai Sweater by Jerusha Neely

Possbily one of our most complimented projects ever. Great for light layering this time of year!

Use: We have some Sparrow, or any light fingering!


*Bonus sweater: We haven't made this one yet, but we're very interested in the Cocoknits Cleo sweater - would be cute in some brightly colored Manos Alegria yarn!


Alright! Who's itching to cast on now?

If you have questions or want to see yarn pairings for any of these pattern ideas, text us or give us a call!

Love from,

the Fuzzy Goat Gang!


*One Final Bonus: this spring we've been loving trying out some new skills - Madelyn has been intrigued by embroidery and Carolina by macramé! We have fun kit options for both! 

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