29 Bridges Pop-Up

Mary is the dyer behind 29 Bridges and creates these amazingly complex colors with so much depth in her Maryland studio. Videos below!
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    29 Bridges is a reference to Mary's hometown - Pittsburgh.  Pittsburgh is iconic for its bridges. If you're not familiar, Pittsburgh has 446 bridges so they are a way of life.  446 Bridges seemed a little awkward to say but in Mary's research she found reference to 29 Bridges and that seemed to fit.  Many of her colorways are named for Pittsburgh bridges, bridge styles, streets, or landmarks.  Mary got her fiber start from her mother and grandmother who were very resourceful and crafty.  Both were accomplished sewists and Mary's mother taught her to knit when she was five.  In college Mary discovered that there was a fiber arts program in the art school.  When she saw the big floor looms, she was hooked and did an independent fiber arts study for three years.  Students were required to dye their own fiber and yarn for projects and that's where Mary learned to dye.