Winding by hand

How to wind a skein of yarn into a ball by hand

  1. Untwist your skein and put your hands inside the loop. Give the skein a good snap a few times to encourage the yarn to get in their proper lanes.
  2. Lay out on a flat surface (not your lap 🤪 ) and near a straight back chair that you will use in a minute.
  3. Inspect where the skein is tied and make sure that there are not errant strands crossing over the ties. The only place this may happen is where the two ends are tied together.
  4. With all strands under the ties, lift your skein up and place it over a straight back chair.
  5. Only now should you cut the ties and find the end.
  6. Wind the end around two fingers about 5 times
  7. Take this little circle off your fingers, fold in half and wind around this little bundle changing direction ever 4-5 times around your ball
I found many of the resources online either used equipment you may not have at home or were for making a center pull ball, which is great but a bit more complicated. All the resources seemed to leave out steps 1-5 which I find critical to success! ~ Cadence