Gifts for Mothering!

Gifts for Mothering!

In the craze of all our LYS Day preparations we looked up and realized next weekend is Mother's Day (more cause for celebration!). Whether you're celebrating a biological mother, a mother figure, or whether you're showing yourself some kindness by taking the day to mother yourself, here's how we rationalize choosing the best gift to display our affection. 

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Whether you knit or not, if you have stuff, you need a bag. Might as well make it cute!

A fancier option, great for regular styling or for knitting we love these new Yolk Backsacks and Divina Bags from Atenti (we have a couple left in the shop but we've also been taking pre-orders for the sold out tiger bags)

We also got a restock of our beloved Funky Firebird Bags in a new custom color we're obsessed with!

We also always recommend the classic Knitty Gritty Bag from Magner Co. for a reason. Can't go wrong with the classic project bag!


Knitting Organization

The chronic knitter could always upgrade their organization game. Our two favorite, very luxe options are always:

Interchangeable Needle Sets like this ChiaoGoo one so they're never without a needle

We have new Leather Goods in! Including a Notions Pouch, a Scissors Sheath, Project Page and the full Clutch Bundle are the dream home for a knitter's notions!!

Imagine how appreciated and taken care of you'd feel receiving these?


Not Handmade (But Still With Love)

You don't have to have made it for it to be thoughtful!

These Knitting Tattoo Socks are perfect to show you appreciate the craft of your beloved knitter (but no assembly required)


Pillows with a handcrafted look make a great addition to a craft room

We now have finished Spa Cloths (handmade for us by Shari!) - 100% cotton! Add a lavender sachet, dryer balls or some fancy wool soap to make a sweet self-care bundle

Eco Pet Caves for the pet-obsessed



These gifts pair well if you have handknits you're always styling but work equally well on their own!

French Market Skirts are a breezy, cottony delight

A Fuzzy T-Shirt (we love the retro design)

Shawl cuffs and pins always make a beautiful adornment for the consummate shawl knitter 


The Universal Gift

There's always the option of a Fuzzy Goat Gift Certificate! No one was ever disappointed being handed the gift of freedom to shop.


Once again, you can shop all of these ideas and more by clicking here!


See a gift here you long to receive? You can also send this to any loved ones who might need a gentle nudge in the right direction!


Hope this guides you! Happy knitting,

xx The Fuzzy Team

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