Complete Notion Bag: Alpine Edition
Complete Notion Bag: Alpine Edition
Complete Notion Bag: Alpine Edition

Complete Notion Bag: Alpine Edition

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Our Complete Notion Bag, Alpine Edition is a perfectly curated notion bag for those starting to climb in their knitting skills, including a handcrafted gussted bag from Erin Flett - all the items our proprietress Cadence has in her own notion bag and will get you through lots of knitting and crochet projects!

  • Highlighter Tape: Cadence wouldn't dream of starting a pattern without this removable highlighter tape - one piece lasts throughout the pattern - picking it up and moving it as needed - especially with charts! 
  • Row Counter: What we love about this row counter is that it locks (no little hands clicking it AND has a tunnel to run some yarn through it so that you can wear it around your neck 
  • Needle Keeper: this in the category of "why didn't I think of that?!" Our favorite point protector - it holds both ends of your circular needles together so they don't tangle up in your knitting bag. AND it also keeps your stitches safely off the ends of your needles. 
  • 3 Tapestry Needles: 3 straight tapestry needles in different sizes for weaving in ends
  • Circular Stitch Holder: designed for holding lots of stitches, say for trying on your sweater or saving stitches for later. 36" long and adjustable with a stopper. 
  • A bee tin with stitch markers - the markers mark repeats in pattern
  • Gauge + Needle Checker are for counting how many stitches you have in a row per inch and how many rows per inch and checking the sizes of your needles
  • Right Side, Wrong Side markers are for marking the right and wrong side of your project so that the pattern is easier to follow
  • The crocheted fox is a tape measure - pull the tab to lengthen and squeeze his face to retract
  • Mini Scissors for cutting yarn

colors vary among highlighter tape, needle keeper, mini scissors

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