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Fuzzy Love

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Fuzzy Love is a box of 10 whimsical surprises from Fuzzy Goat including an indie dyed skein of yarn for something cozy and some indulgences just for you. Your box will include a pattern for one project, and a full skein of yarn from KnitWise Fibers to make the pattern, along with fun and useful surprises. We are planning for a February 14th delivery.


Join us, as we send love to 2022. You can think of it as a St. Valentines Day gift for your soul. You can select one for yourself and one for a friend so that you can knit together (even if apart); you could choose to crochet too.

Give yourself the best valentines day ever - feel cared for not and not an afterthought. By the time the day comes, you might forget you've done this for yourself and be soooo surprised! Forward to those who kinda forget Valentine's Day until the last-minute and they'll be so grateful 💕

We have a limited supply, pre-order now so that we can handcraft your box for you by early February.

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