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Small weaving groups across Africa bring you ethical and stylish accessories with a transparent story. Sharing all our values, these weaving cooperatives empower women to support their families with a flexible income in the dry seasons, where subsistence farming often fails to meet the needs of the family. When you choose one of these woven baskets you actively support these weavers and their families, by providing dignified working conditions. 

Woven Shoppers (kasuku blue and himiza khaki) are made from sisal and hold their shape great as storage (not quite as soft against your skin as the nifty shopper but stand upright even when empty). Use yours as an everyday bag with room to pack for overnight stays, grocery shopping and trips to the gym. Or next to your chair with a great way to stash your yarn. Width 17.5", Height 12" (width is measured at the widest part of the bag). Strap drop approximately 6.25"

Kasuku blue is a vegan basket bag with color blocks of inky blue and pale grey. With twisted shoulder straps and no leather labeling, this one’s 100% vegan and totally plastic-free. These woven basket bags are produced by a small collective of female weavers living near the Masinga Dam in Kenya – one of seven dams on the River Tana. Their chairlady started managing basket production in 1993, and today she leads several groups with specific production roles from twisting to dyeing and weaving sisal fibers. 

Himiza Khaki is a two-tone sisal shopper in black and natural tones, with striking black leather carry handles. The HIMIZA shopper bag is handwoven in Kenya’s rural Eastern Region, and hand dyed to achieve its two colors. Made from local sisal grass, the preparation process is extensive even before dyeing and weaving begins: the grass is first harvested and rolled by hand. The HIMIZA’s khaki bottom is dyed with sand in boiling water and heated over an outdoor fire. 

Nifty Knit: Assorted Colors These amazingly colorful bags are woven from SOFT recycled sweaters. The weavers buy sweaters on masse, then carefully unravel them to make bundles of yarn which are re-woven around a sisal framework to the designs of the weaver. These baskets are traditionally called kiondos, and a Kenyan mother would craft a basket for her daughter upon marriage. They’re ideal for slinging over your shoulder and keeping all your essentials in one place, and not only practical – they’re all a little bit gorgeous too. Due to the nature of how they're made and we receive them, we're unable to take on specific color requests.

  • Bags: 15" wide x 12" high (width is measured at the widest part of the bag) Leather handles are added to make a beautiful one-of-a-kind basket bag. Strap Length: 11.5" approx
  • Basket:  These XL baskets make perfect planters for your large houseplants and will also store logs, throws and rugs, shoes and slippers, laundry or playroom toys, YARN. The beauty of these woven baskets is that you’ll keep finding uses for them as the years go by. 17.5" across x 15" tall



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