Opening in August: Box of Goats
Opening in August: Box of Goats
Opening in August: Box of Goats
Opening in August: Box of Goats
Opening in August: Box of Goats
Opening in August: Box of Goats
Opening in August: Box of Goats
Opening in August: Box of Goats
Opening in August: Box of Goats
Opening in August: Box of Goats
Opening in August: Box of Goats
Opening in August: Box of Goats
Opening in August: Box of Goats
Opening in August: Box of Goats
Opening in August: Box of Goats

Opening in August: Box of Goats

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We've squeezed out a few more, in these extra ones you may get 2 items that are the same as previous year's boxes.

Did you miss it? Hit NOTIFY ME 👆 above to get an email if we squeeze out more. Once we ship in mid November and they all arrive we should have a few extras.

A daily dose of fun just for me each day in the middle of holiday chaos! ~ Andrea

🎁 Introducing Box of Goats: A Month of Whimsy and Delight! 🎁

Are you ready to embark on a delightful journey of surprises and creativity this December? Look no further than Box of Goats, a magical offering from Fuzzy Goat that will add a touch of whimsy and cheer to your holiday season.

I would like to know when we can order the advent box because I do not want to miss it.  I got one for myself and one for my sister last year…every day we would have the great reveal - we so enjoyed this and our chat that we now chat daily . .  who knew this project would lead to that…thanks so much! And our project turned out beautiful. ~ Beverly  

At Fuzzy Goat we craft community around us, growing together as makers. We want to send YOU a project that will amuse your soul (pattern and yarn) and lagniappe* to our Fuzzy Fans so you can experience Fuzzy whimsy wherever you are, every day of December. We have a Facebook Group to provide lots of camaraderie.

Our truck photo shows just ONE of several trips 🤶🏼

FUN! I absolutely love surprises and because I live so far away This helps me feel part of a knitting community...get it you won’t be sorry! ~ Terrie

🧶 31 Days of Joyful Surprises:

Inside each Box of Goats, you'll discover 31 whimsical surprises carefully curated by Fuzzy Goat, including the most pleasing yarns from Emma's Yarns and indulgent treats, specially chosen to for you for every single day of December.

🎄 The Perfect Advent Box for Knitters:

Think of Box of Goats as your very own advent box, tailor-made for you! As you unpack each surprise, you'll find 15 mini skeins designed to complement the exclusive 2023 Box of Goats original pattern by Laura Dobratz. This Box will not only amuse your soul but also create a beautiful project.

💫 Embrace the Fuzzy Goat Community:

At Fuzzy Goat, we believe in fostering a vibrant and inclusive community of makers. When you join Box of Goats, you become a part of this heartwarming community that grows together through shared experiences. To add to the camaraderie, we've created a lively Facebook Group where you can connect with fellow Fuzzy Fans and share your crafting journey.

🌟 A Daily Moment for Yourself:

In the midst of a busy season when you're giving so much to others, Box of Goats gives you the gift of a daily moment just for yourself. Whether you choose to start your day or unwind in the evening with your Box of Goats, it's a time to embrace joy and creativity. And even if you're a new knitter, don't worry; this experience is designed to be enjoyable for knitters of all levels.

🎁 Share the Joy:

Spread the happiness by gifting a Box of Goats to yourself and a dear friend! This wonderful gesture allows you to knit together, even if you're physically apart. Alternatively, you could explore the possibility of crocheting with the delightful yarns for a unique twist on the experience.

🌈 Ever-Changing Delights:

Each year, prepare new surprises, curate an array of colors, and Laura Dobratz crafts a different pattern, ensuring that every Box of Goats is a fresh and exciting adventure. You'll always have something new to look forward to, making this an annual tradition you won't want to miss.

✨ A Treat-a-Day Just for You:

December can be a whirlwind of activity, but you deserve something special for yourself during this season of giving. Box of Goats ensures that you have a daily treat to savor—a little spark of delight that will brighten your day and make you forget about the stresses of the outside world.

🎉 Unveil the Magic:

By the time December arrives, you'll be filled with anticipation and excitement, ready to unveil the magic that awaits you in each surprise box. It's a journey that promises delightful surprises and a sense of wonder that will stay with you long after the holiday season.

Join us as we embark on this enchanting countdown to 2023. Embrace the spirit of giving, starting with a gift for yourself that will keep on giving throughout December. Treat yourself to Box of Goats and make this year's holiday season truly unforgettable. 🐐🎄

Note for our crocheters: We have an alternate pattern recommendation that works with the yarns in your Box of Goats which we can email you on the first of December upon request.

Additional Note: We will have an item that has a scent, and chocolate will also be included. Because of the number of boxes we prepare we are not able to make substitutions. 

This is how you will take care of you this December so you can give so much to others. By the time December comes you'll forget you've done this for yourself and be soooo surprised!

Pre-order  through August 16th only so that we can handcraft your box for you by late November.

Like anticipation at Christmas as a child, wondering what's in the box!~ Deb

Did you miss it? Email us if you have any questions!

Our winding policy: because of the number of mini skeins and the number of the Box of Goats that we send we are unable to wind yarn for individuals. Here is a link to our tips of how to wind yarn at home. 

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