Fuzzy Finishing Services

We are pleased to offer Shari Hill's professional finishing services to your projects! Do you have projects that are hiding out, needing those last details before they are ready for gifting or wearing? Let us help you ring the goat bell (aka finish your project). Cadence took a finishing class from Shari many years ago and is proud to share this great resource with you.


The minimum charge is $40 and includes an hour of work on your project, with each additional hour being $35. Purchase your 1st hour here

We are happy to give you a rough estimate when you complete the Fuzzy Finishing Services Application. Please wait for a reply before shipping your items to Fuzzy Goat and we recommend insuring your items when you do ship.

There is an additional shipping charge of $12 to return your item to you, including insurance.

Here are the Fuzzy Finishings that can be done for you:

  • Sewing on buttons
  • Button bands
  • Collars/hoods
  • 3 needle bind-offs
  • Assembling blanket squares
  • Knit and crochet borders
  • Embroidery
  • Seaming for anything - blankets, sweaters etc.
  • Kitchener Stitch
  • Dontwannas*
  • Aintgonnas*
  • Weaving in ends

*Dontwannas/ Aintgonnas are what Shari calls nearly finished projects that you are just “done with” or aspects of the knitted project that aren’t knitting (seaming, buttons, etc). Maybe you just want to knit and are happy to pay someone else to do the Not-knitting part of the project.

If you don’t have the yarn needed, Shari can use the copious scraps in her stash for a minimal charge or perhaps Fuzzy Goat can find matching yarn for you.

Turn around time from when Fuzzy Goat receives the item is three weeks. During the holiday time, we cannot guarantee Christmas delivery for items received at the shop past December 5th (not including potential postal delays)

Shari Hill came to FSU for art school way-back-when and never left. She has shaped her family’s multi-generational skill of making something from nothing into a multi-crafted life of yarn,  paint and a deep love for color play and the linen stitch. Crochet is her first language, learned so young she doesn’t remember. Her advice as an experienced self-taught knitter, however, is “save yourself the headache and take a class at Fuzzy Goat!” So bring in your project, no matter how rowdy, and let her wrangle it into its finished form!