Fuzzy's TOP Tips for Travel Knitting

Be sure and have projects for:

  • Something easy but with a few interesting rows: Crescent City or Build Those Bridges or Adah Shawl kit

  • Sometimes we want to use a trip to start something truly new, and a new stitch: Antelope Valley Cowl Snood Kit (this one has several different colors, so probably best for car trips)

  • Something small for waiting around or out to eat: Uneek Sock Kits

  • Something to do when you really don’t want to talk, when you want to hide in your knitting: The Goat Cowl is perfect as it’s easy to do with little counting. Or if you need to be working on a gift, work on the Rainbow pillow - and stuff it when you get home!

  •  Plus, you’ll need a 2nd project for when you get stuck or bored with your first project


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