Yarn Amnesty

Yarn Amnesty is back! After a 4 year haitus, we're again collecting yarn to take to the Women's Prison in Georgia.

Do you have yarn that is taunting you, wondering when you are going to use it, but it has lost its luster for you? Start streamlining your stash to get ready for Yarn Amnesty!

Fuzzy Goat's Yarn Amnesty, making a positive impact on women's lives behind bars and beyond! 🧶♻️ If you've got a stash of yarn that's been sitting unused, it's time to give it a new life while supporting a great cause. Bring in your gently loved yarn as part of our Yarn Amnesty program, and we'll make sure it reaches women in the Georgia correctional facility who use crocheting as a means of rehabilitation and skill-building.

By participating in our Yarn Amnesty program, you'll not only contribute to sustainability efforts by reducing yarn waste, but you'll also help empower incarcerated women through creative expression and productive activities. It's a win-win situation that benefits both the environment and those striving for a better future.

As a token of our gratitude, you'll receive a special discount on your next yarn purchase when you donate to our Yarn Amnesty program and we will ferry your yarn to the Faith & Character Initiative at Emanuel Women's Facility in Swainsboro, Georgia. Together, let's create positive change, one stitch at a time! ♻️🧶 Women tell us that they get to make gifts for their families (giving them a sense of long-lost dignity) and also make blankets for law enforcement to have in their cruisers for comfort and also for nursing home residents.

Bring your full or partial skeins of clean, unscented, unwanted yarns (labels preferred but not required - no partial projects please). June 10-17th (we're closed Sundays and Mondays)

We will give you ten dollars in Fuzzy $ for your donations (when you give us at least 4 skeins) to use by July 31.

one exchange per household

If you are shipping us yarn we will send you a coupon for online use. We can only accept your donations June 10-17th. Our address is:
Fuzzy Goat
223 W Jackson St
Thomasville, GA 31792

I am so glad the Warden said we can collect for them again this year, it is one of our most satisfying projects, ferrying these yarns to the prison - there is so much that we need to rent a van for the 4 hour drive 🚙